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March 2005+
Firefly Journal
Because the End Times Never End, and Everything is Still Possible
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Eros under the Harrow, photo triptych by Kyle Rand Eros under the Harrow, photo triptych by Kyle Rand Eros under the Harrow, photo triptych by Kyle Rand



I Want This World and Do Not Hope for Something Better

manifesto by k

Pivot the Camera: Gay Marriage and Civil Rights

by Daniel Hintzsche    posted 11/04


The Independence of Kosovo and Other Matters

from Shon Meckfessel's blog Suffled How It Gush: An Anarchist Perspective on Events in the Balkans

Friendly Scary People on Trains

excerpts from Shon Meckfessel's book Suffled How It Gush

The Meaning of Blue: A Traveler's Dread in Southeast Asia

by Christy Wagner

Argentina Filmmakers' Journal

Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin on Argentina and their film Hope in Hard Times
by Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin    posted 11/04


Children of the Revolution

interview with filmmaker Bernadine Mellis
by Andrea Lawlor

Psychos I Have Known

Dwayne Regis tells all
a true interview by Felix F. Felix


Valentine's Day

by Lisa Tilley

Hot Mustard

by S.E. Smith


Rialto Beach 10/08/07: On Not Yet Having Committed Self-Slaughter at Fifty-One

by Daniel Hintzsche


by Marianne Morris

The Dishes Stack Dirty With Loud Complaints

by Scott Meltsner


by Susan Maeder

Pfeiffer Beach I

by Daniel Hintzsche

Estranha Forma da Vida / A Strange Form of Life

by Theresa Whitehill

"Attempted" Autobiography

by Kish Song Bear


The Blue Dot Dance Extravaganza

by Belle Butane

Music Downloads

Ed and Ralph, Davey Trees, The Blue Dot, Ravana, Esmerelda Strange

moving images

Duck, Intercepted

short movie by Kevin Brower



by Ill Eagle

Yelling at the Television

by Aneurin Wright


Zarathustra the Baby Bat

by Josh Morsell


Paulo Ferreira, Lulu Hansen, Kyle Rand, Seano, Nile Sprague, Patti Tauscher, Cate White

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