No. 2
March 2005
Firefly Journal
Because the End Times Never End and Everything is Still Possible
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Painting by Kate White

The Blue Dot

Hottie in Saudi
Diamond Lite

THE BLUE DOT is a four-piece band from Mendocino, California that plays vintage punk rock/soul. Aaron Stauffer is on vocals, keys and guitar. David Sinclair plays drums and trumpet. Mickey Kitihara plays saxophone and guitar. Scott Maurer on the bass.

A sound that sits between vintage noir punk of THE STRANGLERS, JONATHAN RICHMAN AND THE MODERN LOVERS or the VELVET UNDERGROUND with momets of AM radio soul as well as a bit of country... Actually, they are from the country... yep, a bunch of backwoods country fuckers who own dusty Misfits records and Al Green cassettes and consider themselves punk because they may have seen a BLACK FLAG show.

Stauffer and Sinclar have been playing together since 1997 with the band GARDENER. Gardener released an album (New Dawning Time) with Subpop in 1999 featuring Van Conner (SCREAMING TREES, VALIS). Prior to Gardener Aaron Stauffer lived in Tacoma, Washington and was the lead singer for the punk band SEAWEED whose ten years (1989-1999) lead to the release of five albums (three on Subpop, one Merge, one Hollywood) as well as tours with SUPERCHUNK, GREEN DAY, BAD RELIGION and THE WARP TOUR (the first one), and shows in the U.S. and overseas with PAVEMENT, FUGAZI, NIRVANA and ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT. Seaweed's crowing achievement is a track on a K-TEL compilation!! (NowCore 2000)

Prior to The Blue Dot Scott Maurer played in several bands in Sacramento including THE BAGPIPE OPERATION and NAR. David Sinclair played with Mendocino soiler punks RIPSTOKE from 1996 to 2000 (when they called it quits). The Blue Dot is Mickey Kitihara's first band outside of high school. He is The Blue Dot's youngest member (twenty-two) and proud owner of MICKEY'S MOBILE BAR-B-Q CATERING SERVICE and goddammit 2 the man can cook up some meat!!!

It is in the spirit of the great crusty roadhouse in the sky that The Blue Dot plans to rock Wurlitzer electric piano in full distortion and horn section leading you toward one more late night adventure.

Davey Trees

Path of Peace
Fresh and New Ideas

Musician and artist David Archuletta is a smart man with heart migrated from northern California to New York City.

Ed and Ralph

Sick of Psychos
Swananoa Tunnel

We met in 7th grade. We were on the same soccer team. He had really great feathered hair. I tried to have really great feathered hair and failed. We're both victims of Indianapolis public schools. We've been playing music for about 15 years. Together. Are we supposed to say where we live now or anything?

Esmerelda Strange

Que Viva La Chava
Cunning Linguist

Esmerelda Strange is one woman posing as three playing accordion, drums and singing simultaneously, kicking indie ass and rocking striped stockings.


Palace of Stone

Ravana broke up in late 2004, and made an impressive debut band for front-woman Dara Santhai-Sherman, a.k.a. the World's Hottest Satanist. Looking forward to Dara's next project. Also, check out her art.

Runaway Cow


Runaway Cow (1990-1995) was Joseph Ayres and Jason Brooke (a.k.a. Ralph of Ed and Ralph) and friends. Joseph lives in Tempe, AZ now and works for a company that sells truck parts.