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"Bliss always rises out of it like a scandal . . ."



Josh Morsell

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Teresa Aguilera


Teresa Aguilera, The Blue Dot, Belle Butane, Davey Trees, Lisa Tilley, Mark Dworkin, Ed and Ralph, Esmerelda Strange, Hugo Felix, Felix F. Felix, Mark Ferrari, Paulo Ferreira, Lulu Hansen, Daniel Hintzsche, Ill Eagle, Andrea Lawlor, Susan Maeder, Brendan McGuigan, Bernadine Mellis, Marianne Morris, Jessica Morsell, Josh Morsell, Kyle Rand, Ravana, Dwayne Regis, S.E. Smith, Kish Song Bear, Nile Sprague, Christy Wagner, Cate White, Theresa Whitehill, Aneurin Wright, Melissa Young

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Teresa Aguilera, Brendan McGuigan, Andrea Lawlor, Kyle Rand, Theresa Whitehill, Paulo Ferreira


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Jason Ralph Brooke

They'll see that I have my music in there.

Suggestion: Maybe don't link Jason to Ralph. Then they'll just see that you're in Runaway Cow.

A. That would be even more embarrassing. You can just put Jason Ralph Brooke is a musician - I don't know. I'm not even really a musician. What the hell, I don't know.

Andrea Lawlor

Andrea Lawlor lives in Philadelphia, is working on a collection of short stories, and edits a series of zines based on Greek mythology.

Chris Maag

Writer. Adventurer. Scholar. Lover. After winning the National Book Award in 1997 for his memoir, "Thank You, Tom Selleck. Thank You," Chris Maag joined other celebrities to campaign for Third Word debt relief. He is now editor-at-large for Le Monde, and lives with his three children in Hartford, Conn. By day, he masquerades as a staff writer for the alt weekly Cleveland Scene, and as a reporter for Time.

Shon Meckfessel

Shon is the author of Suffled How It Gush, a new book about his travels in the Balkans following the Yugoslav Civil War. Shon just moved from Croatia to San Francisco. Temporarily. No, wait. He's in Croatia again.

Marianne Morris

Marianne Morris!
           Lost in a forest,
with her skin so porous
            and her blood so ferrous!
Not afraid
            of the woodland chorus,
geckos bright,
          and moles omnivorous!
Fierce as a
Marianne Morris!

Kyle Rand

Kyle just finished his Ph.D. in French pornography at the University of Cambridge and now spends most of his time in a dark little room playing with chemicals.

More bios to come.